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Digital freedom begins with your money

Pillar is a grassroots, community-run project in pursuit of making digital worlds more accessible, secure, safer, and with less surveillance.

Our community sees itself as part of a broader movement to shift control of emerging data economies from third-parties like corporations and governments to individuals.

Decentralized networks offer the only path to true data ownership and sovereignty. And while nearly every existing free app accesses user data, turning consumers themselves into products, Pillar gives users control of their wallets in addition to their keys and crypto.

Pillar is empowering individuals around the globe by providing universal access to wealth generation. Our non-custodial and community-run Smart Wallet is the manifestation of Pillar values.

Together, Pillar’s technology and insights let individuals create wealth by providing access typically denied to them by traditional finance - TradFi.

Pillar brings money, markets and services of the future right into the pocket of wallet users who can trade and connect in new data economies.

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