Time for Pillar NonConference 2019. Wait… What?

Time for Pillar NonConference 2019. Wait… What?

Written by

Jack Bass

July 18, 2019

A summer event held by Pillar is a beautiful tradition and one which we’re committed to. This year we try something new.

A summer event held by Pillar is a beautiful tradition and one which we’re committed to. This year we try something new.

We still hold onto beautiful memories from Poprad and Vilnius — an amazing time of first Pillar Unconferences where we met many present and future Pillaristas. This year, we still want to recreate these memories, but on a smaller scale and different form. Hopefully, it will be as impactful as our previous jamborees, and add a lot of value to the effort of building the Pillar Ecosystem.

Unfortunately, for numerous reasons, we are not able to organize it this year. This was a decision carefully made by the whole team. We want to honor our current process and not distract our focus from Pillar Wallet development. All of our time, energy and resources are dedicated to this mission to ensure we deliver on our 2019 roadmap vision.

Unconferences are so 2018… Enter: Pillar NonConference!

UnConference for many sounds like a totally unorganized event, but it never was and simply can’t be. Both 2017 and 2018 editions engaged loads of our resources — the marketing team was involved 100% in working on the entire event’s logistics and its programming.

That’s why this year we are taking it one step further to make it a NonConference; we’re not booking any resort, we’re not inviting speakers from all over the globe, we’re not organizing a farewell party in the castle. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left.

The NonConference happens everywhere and anywhere we come together and start interacting with each other. It happens whenever we brainstorm how the future is shaping up and what role we will play in it. We’re coming to Berlin as a team and for a whole week, we’ll be spreading the Pillar virus among the community gathering there for the Blockchain Week.

If you’re in Berlin between the 18th to 25th August and want to learn about the platform’s development, meet the team, propose initiatives, brainstorm new directions for our growth or even just get a Pillar sticker — we’ll be there and are more than happy to meet up during the week.

We’ll find the place and time — all we need to know is that you’re up for spending some productive time together.

🗣️ Let’s chat in the Pillar NonConference group on Telegram

Join our Meetup event 👋

Why is Berlin the destination of our NonConference?

We believe community is at the heart of what we do, so we want to make sure our finger is always on the pulse (technologically and socially). We take part in events where we can connect with like-minded people who believe in the power of decentralized technology.

Blockchain Week Berlin is one such event. Formerly an ETH Global event, it is now a forked, separate one with a massive and prolific Berlin community at the core of it.

Our goal is to put Pillar on this community’s map while also building our connection to it. We want to collaborate, integrate and partner with many exciting projects also present in Berlin. The speakers we’ll listen to, concepts we’re exposed to and discussions we’ll have will all help shape our product’s vision and development plan for the upcoming months.

And while we want to learn from the best, we’ll also be sharing our own experiences and lessons. We’ll be listening closely to the brightest minds in the tech scene, but you’ll also find us speaking from the stage to hundreds of future-builders.

Pillar NonConference in 4 acts:

№1: Feel the (chilli) heat @ the MetaCartel Demo Day

The MetaCartel aims to standardize meta transactions. We want Pillar to be *the* interface for all the groundbreaking solutions they’re coming up with, both on a technical and governance level. Our Product Owner, Drew Harding, will be presenting, along with some other great speakers from this tight-knit community.

№2: Join us @ Blockchain Developer Summit Meetup.

Pillar and LimeChain are both early adopters of the Abridged SDK. We’ve been testing and providing feedback to get this DApp ready for production. This Meetup will be the first occasion where it’s showcased to the wider blockchain dev community.

№3: Hack along @ ETHBerlinZwei

Our team will be hacking away at this cultural festival-hacktivist hybrid event, while actively looking for potential collaborations with talented individuals. Pillar’s involvement with the MetaCartel and the Gas Station Network Alliance are the fruits of previous ETH hackathons, so we can’t wait to see what’s to come from this one.

№4: Hang out, learn and experiment with the Pillar team.

We’re going to be inspired by the talks we’ll hear at Web3 Summit, look for the freshest dApps to integrate at DappCon, learn about the latest DAO superstars and explore totally new concepts.

🙌 Get in touch if you’ll be around…

…and let’s add 5th, 6th and more acts to this story. We can’t promise entertaining pyrotechnics this year, but we are up for making some other kind of fire together!

So come join us — the future won’t build itself! 💪