The Pillar Genesis NFT Crypto Raffle

The Pillar Genesis NFT Crypto Raffle

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April 27, 2022

The Pillar Genesis NFT Crypto Raffle is here! Open to Pillar Genesis NFT holders. Win high value crypto prizes? Read how to enter below

What is Pillar Genesis Collection?

The Pillar Genesis NFT Crypto Raffle was designed to reward holders. The Collection ( is Pillar Wallet’s first NFT drop designed to reward and offer ongoing benefit to our valued community of Pillar Wallet users. 

It was designed to be the torch for leading Pillar into the NFT space.

First off, a portion of the 256 piece collection was distributed among our loyal DAO governors, as a token of our appreciation, then Pillar ran a 7 week lottery and gave 110 addresses whitelist spots to claim their free ‘Pillars’.

Public Sale

After the lottery concluded, public minting of the remaining NFTs in the collection went live with minting taking place on our web3 dApp 

The Genesis sale is going strong and there are still a few available for open public minting.

Get yours now at the above link in order to enter the exciting high value crypto raffle.

The benefits associated with holding the NFTs in the pillar wallet are the main drawcard of the collection but we predict that, due to the very limited amount of NFTs available in the collection, their demand will increase as less and less are available, especially with all the new developments with the Pillar DAO.

The Pillar Genesis Raffle

The Pillar Genesis Raffle is one of the benefits available to Genesis holders, who store them in the Pillar Wallet.

All in-Pillar-wallet NFT holders will have the opportunity to enter from 11h00 BST  3 – 24 May 2022* and stand a chance to win large value prizes paid out in DAI stablecoin on the Polygon Network. 

I repeat, ENTRY OPENS ON 03 MAY 2022 – The Enter Raffle button will become active then. You’ll not be able to enter before that!

*(unless all NFTs sell out, in which case, the entry period will end within 1 week)

How do I enter?

  • Users who hold an NFT can connect their Pillar Wallet to our web3 dApp by clicking the button below which will verify that their wallet holds the Genesis NFT
  • The user purchases a ticket for the raffle by paying 15 DAI (+/-$15) per entry on Polygon Network into the raffle smart contract prize pool
  • The raffle draw will be held within 5 working days of the entry period closing 
  • 5 winners will be drawn from the (max. 241) entered addresses. 
    • 1 x 1st Prize Winner
    • 2 x 2nd Place Winner
    • 2 x 3rd Place Winner
    • After a small portion of tokens have been set aside for distribution fees,
    • winners will share the prize pool collected from entry fees + Pillar Project Worldwide will match the pool and add up to a maximum of $2000 to the final amount to be shared by the winners!
    • Prize distribution will be done using – the cheapest rewards distribution tool on the market created by our very own Pillar team!

Conditions Of Entry

  • All participants must hold a Genesis NFT in the Pillar Wallet that they enter with
  • All entrants must be over the age of 18 years old.
  • All participants must contribute 15 DAI per entry on Polygon Network to the smart contract to be considered.
  • Eligible addresses can enter as many times as desired
  • Each address can only win one prize
  • Entry will only take place between 3 May & 24 May 2022 unless all of the Pillar genesis NFTs have sold out. In which case, the raffle entry period will conclude 1 week after the last NFT is sold.
  • Each NFT can only enter once. Only the first entry for a particular ID will be considered

 General rules

Welcome to the “Pillar Project Genesis NFT Collection, Crypto Token Raffle” competition (the “competition”) conducted by Pillar Project (“Promoter”). These rules are the official rules of the competition (“rules”). These rules (together with any official competition communications) will govern and apply to the competition. Please take a moment to review these rules. By your participation, you agree that these rules will govern all aspects of your relationship with the competition and competition-related agents, and the Promoter. These rules can only be modified (or superseded) by Promoter (in its reasonable discretion) in a written revision to these rules posted on the competition website or (at Promoter’s sole discretion) any other potential official competition communication methods reasonably calculated to reach a majority of potential participants.

  • No late entries will be accepted.
  • The judge’s decision on winners is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, delayed or damaged in transmission
  • Entries reflected on Promoter’s records will be treated as the only validation source and will be the only evidence of successful entries
  • Prize tokens will be sent to the winners addresses within 7 working days after the winner has responded to the winning notification email. 
  • In the event of the Promoter not being able to contact the finalists within 3 working days of notification, the Promoter reserves the right to draw again.
  • The prize is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-negotiable 
  • Prize winners may be requested to participate in publicity connected to this competition. The prize winners grant permission for the use of their twitter names and photographs in any advertising and promotional material for this competition.
  • Data protection cover: users joining this raffle consent to any personal information being used or stored by Pillar Project
  • Winners will be required to provide a Polygon Network wallet address in order to receive their prizes. In the event that a satisfactory address is not provided, winners agree to forfeit their prize.
  • Participants and winner(s) absolve the Promoter, its affiliates, its advertising agencies, advisors, suppliers, nominated agents and dealers from liability from any and all claims howsoever arising, including from wilful misconduct or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any such person
  • The Promoter reserves the right to alter or cancel the competition at its discretion, without recourse.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entry at their absolute discretion 
  • The participant unconditionally and irrevocably indemnifies and holds harmless Promoter and its successors, employees, officers, suppliers, contractors, agents, consultants, directors and shareholders against all and any losses, claims, proceedings, actions, damages, (direct, consequential or otherwise), liability, demands, expenses, legal costs (on an attorney and own client basis), medical costs or other costs howsoever arising out of, based upon, or in connection with (directly or indirectly) the participants participation in the competition, to the maximum extent permitted by law
  • If a participant contravenes these rules, the participant may, in Promoter’s discretion, be disqualified from the competition.
  • Income taxes relating to the prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winners
  • The laws of The Swiss Confederation govern this competition
  • Promoter reserves the right to cancel or alter any aspect of the competition at any time at its sole discretion without liability. 
  • Participants in the competition understand and agree that in order to offer the competition; Promoter must collect and use personal information about participants. This competition is conducted under the terms of applicable privacy statements. 

These terms and conditions are subject to change according to the Promoter’s discretion

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