Rapidly convert your fiat into crypto with Pillar and Ramp Instant

Rapidly convert your fiat into crypto with Pillar and Ramp Instant

Written by

Romana Basilaris

August 3, 2020

We recently integrated with Ramp.Network to offer Pillar users based in the UK and EU the fastest fiat to crypto on-ramp currently available.

Ramp is the first crypto company to receive an Open Banking License in Europe. This allows them to access banking data on behalf of bank account owners in all banks across the European Union. That means faster and cheaper processing of your crypto transactions!

On top of that, Ramp Instant is the first decentralized on-ramp, which means buyers are connected to sellers without any intermediaries involved. As it should be ;).

After buying your crypto, you can use in-app DeFi features like Aave and PoolTogether to start making your bank account work for you.

Easy, right?

We believe quick on-ramps are a crucial step in offering a seamless user onboarding experience. Our Ramp integration strips difficulty away from the user, while our DeFi integrations allow users to put their assets to work in just a few taps.

With even more features in the pipeline that will improve user experience and add more DeFi functionality, we believe we’re on the right track to achieve Pillar’s mission of becoming the gateway to financial freedom.

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