PillarX <> ReputeX: Boosting Web3 Reputation

PillarX <> ReputeX: Boosting Web3 Reputation

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June 20, 2024

PillarX is joining forces with ReputeX, the modular reputation layer, to emphasize the importance of Web3 Reputation and Account Abstraction. By combining ReputeX’s trusted metrics with PillarX’s user-centric approach, we’re creating a future based on trust and user empowerment.

ReputeX empowers Web3 projects by providing credible metrics and advanced analytics, delivering unique insights into user behavior and project credibility. Through Reputation scores, HODL scores, comprehensive analyses of protocol data and user engagement, ReputeX equips projects with a competitive edge, fostering sustainable growth.

Its modular design offers customization and flexibility, allowing different data sources and assessment criteria to be integrated into the reputation score, catering to the specific needs of projects or adapting to emerging trends. Users can link multiple wallets to a single ReputeX ID, creating a holistic, chain-agnostic reputation that spans individual blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Base, and Arbitrum.

This exciting integration introduces ReputeX’s robust reputation scoring system to PillarX users. ReputeX joins the PillarX ecosystem, offering multi-chain reputation scores and HODL scores that reflect users’ commitment to different projects. This empowers PillarX users to understand their Web3 footprint, make informed decisions, and thrive in a secure, reputation-driven environment. It brings a future where reputation is truly user-centric and overcomes the limitations of specific blockchains.

“Our team has extensive experience developing solutions for the blockchain space, and we are excited to bring our expertise to the PillarX ecosystem. We have worked closely with the PillarX team to ensure seamless integration and alignment with their vision, and we are confident that our collaboration will deliver significant value to PillarX users. — Prince Raj, Co-Founder of ReputeX.

If you’re building a project and wish to integrate it with PillarX, please complete this form to take part in our next dApp testing campaign.

We’re thrilled to welcome the ReputeX team joining the movement toward a more trustless future leveraging Account Abstraction! Unlike traditional EOA wallets where lost private keys mean lost reputation data, the PillarX platform, powered by account abstraction, allows users to recover their accounts and ensure a user’s built-up reputation isn’t erased. This aligns perfectly with ReputeX’s vision: establishing a long-term, reliable reputation in Web3.

To celebrate this collaboration the ReputeX team invites the PillarX community to explore its latest features including the minting of exclusive HODL Soul Bound Score Cards. Additionally, the much-awaited ReputeX Badges and SBSCs mints are also live! Mint yours today, and share the excitement with your connections.

Don’t miss out on the PillarX official release! Sign up for our early access list now for exclusive access and updates.

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