PillarX <> Mobula: Elevating User Experience with Real-Time Market Insights

PillarX <> Mobula: Elevating User Experience with Real-Time Market Insights

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June 6, 2024

PillarX is thrilled to announce its recent collaboration with Mobula, the onchain-native crypto data aggregator.

This integration aims to further empower PillarX (PX) users with comprehensive market insights and seamless access to decentralized finance (DeFi) positions.

Mobula is renowned for its curated datasets tailored for developers and crypto enthusiasts. With tools like Octopus for market data, wallet data tracking, and Metacore for metadata, Mobula offers a wide range of resources. At the same time, Mobula provides REST, GraphSQL, and SQL interfaces for querying these datasets. This integration means that PillarX users will have access to real-time, in-depth data on the Web3 market directly through the PillarX app.

Additionally, as part of this integration, Mobula’s DeFi positions dApp will be one of the first projects incorporated into PillarX. This will allow PX users to conveniently view and manage their DeFi positions from a single application, further streamlining their DeFi experience.

PillarX is committed to building an extensive ecosystem powered by Account Abstraction. This allows easy and efficient access to a wide range of dApps. The integration of Mobula’s DeFi positions dApp is a major step towards this vision, offering users unparalleled experience and functionality. Furthermore, PillarX was designed with developers in mind, offering a streamlined process for integrating their dApps into the PX ecosystem.

“Integrating to PillarX has been effortless to our team – they designed the dapp store in a super convenient way allowing us to save engineering time & port of the app super quickly.” – Sacha Marcus, CEO of Mobula. 

If you’re developing a project and looking to integrate it into PillarX, please complete this form to join our upcoming testing campaign for dApps.

By combining PillarX’s robust ecosystem with Mobula’s advanced data aggregation capabilities, users can look forward to a more enriched and seamless experience in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance.

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