Pillar Now Subsidizes Smart Wallet Deployment Polygon & Gnosis Chain

Pillar Now Subsidizes Smart Wallet Deployment  Polygon & Gnosis Chain

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September 9, 2022

Did you know, Pillar Wallet sponsors smart wallet deployment of all Polygon & Gnosis smart wallets within the app? The TL;DR is Smart wallets are the way of the future and Pillar Wallet offers to deploy Polygon and Gnosis wallets for FREE

Smart contract wallets are incredibly versatile compared to their older key based counterparts. When you download the Pillar Wallet, you are initially provided with a key-based wallet. If you want to go multichain, you just need to deploy your smart wallets powered by Etherspot. On your first outgoing transaction (tx) on each chain, the app concludes smart wallet deployment to the blockchain and turns the key-based wallet provided into a smart contract wallet. This has to be done for each network eg: Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis, BNB, Avalanche, Optimism, etc.

This process attracts a deployment network fee (not controlled by us but rather the network) to deploy the large amounts of data attached on-chain. In order to minimize fees, Pillar Wallet batches your first tx network fee with the smart contract deployment fee. 

However, Pillar Wallet subsidizes the costs of deployment on Polygon & Gnosis Chain for all users. No cost to you!

Smart Wallet Deployment How To:

</> Once you’ve downloaded Pillar Wallet, you will see your wallets listed. Any wallet that isn’t deployed has an “!” next to it. Polygon and Gnosis don’t have this warning because Pillar pays the cost of deployment.

As you can see in this image, the BNB(Binance Smart Chain), Ethereum and Avalanche addresses aren’t deployed but they can still receive funds. The Polygon & Gnosis (xDai) wallets aren’t deployed yet either, but seeing as we cover the costs we don’t warn users about this.

Undeployed wallets in Pillar DeFi Wallet App

</> In order to get your Polygon and Gnosis wallets deployed and subsidized by Pillar, all you have to do is send 1 outgoing transaction. Just send any amount to any other wallet or perform a swap / cross-chain swap in Pillar Wallet, for example – This will deploy your Polygon Wallet at no cost to you. Pillar picks up the bill for the deployment and you just pay for the outgoing tx network fee.

</> Now the wallet that you sent / swapped tokens from is deployed and has become a smart contract wallet.
Well done, you’ve just deployed a smart contract on the blockchain!

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