Pillar Project Joins DoinGud Community

Pillar Project Joins DoinGud Community

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November 3, 2022

Pillar Project Joins DoinGud. We're excited to be an early bird project to join the DoingGud, GudSouls Membership in an Aligned Community capacity.

We are looking forward to partnering with members of the DoinGud community to form a hub of decentralized projects stepping up for humanity and taking the principles they stand for to a new level of inclusion. 

This further solidifies Pillar Project’s vision of building open-source, Web3 tools not only to drive innovation and simplification of the space but also build for the good of humankind.

DoinGud community intends to kickstart the evolution of creativity, technology, community, finance and social consciousness through DoinGud Protocol. Each transaction on DoingGud marketplace connects creators, collectors, curators & social causes to make the world a better place and Pillar Project is happy to be a part of it.

What does this mean for Pillar Project?

Joining the DoinGud Community, first and foremost gives Pillar Project (Etherspot, Pillar Wallet & AirdropMe) the opportunity to give back in a meaningful collaboration with other decentralised industry players for the good of all.

Additionally, as Pillar Project Joins DoinGud, we will be able to team up with other aligned communities in collaboration on:

  • Tech integrations
  • Joint communications
  • Feedback on each others offerings
  • Events

We feel that this close and mutually beneficial collaboration will be exceptionally useful for all parties and we’re excited to begin digging in.

How Can The Pillar Project Community Get Involved?

DoinGud is also allowing individuals to join  as “Gud Souls”. Each member is required to hold the “Gud Souls” NFT

Holders will be able to participate in vital discussions on proposals and the running of DoinGud. Moreover, the Membership Soul Bound Tokens (SBT) come with a variety of perks that will be announced soon.

As a community member within the Pillar Project ecosystem, discounts for “gudSouls” memberships are available.

A certain number of Pillar and Etherspot community members are able to be added to the allowlist for private access at this discounted price for “Gud Souls” SBTs. If you want to be a part of this movement, please fill out the form.

Also, join our community call on November 3rd at 4 pm GMT to listen to our special guests from DoinGud. Ask your questions here.

The DoinGud Vision

DoinGud is laying the foundation which will let all future non-profit, public good, and all types of impact to be organized like DAOs. This means that we are going open source, ensuring that we maintain our values of transparency and accountability.

With the DoinGud Decentralized Impact protocol, they want to change the power dynamic existing in modern fundraising. This will help democratize fundraising by making it possible for anyone, not just the rich and famous, to raise funds for causes they care about and create true impact. DoinGud members will be able to drive change no matter where they are in the world, with the transparency of the blockchain front and center.

The DoinGud Protocol will be responsible for governing the protocol, marketplace, and future products created by our DAO.

Pillar Project is happy to align itself with an organisation that has a plan to build the systems for sustainable and progressive architecture that humankind relies on in all spheres of  creativity, technology, community, finance and social consciousness. This is perfectly aligned with what we stand for. 

And we invite our valued community to come join us as members of DoinGud. Together, technical Web3 builders, creatives and those who have a passion for improved social and inclusive structures can make a real difference in the world, one proposal after the next.

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