Pillar Launches Genesis NFT Collection on Polygon chain

Pillar Launches Genesis NFT Collection on Polygon chain

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January 6, 2022

Pillar Wallet is on a mission to change the game for our DAO members by providing more value, insights & fun.

Recently we ran an airdrop campaign in collaboration with Polygon and ParaSwap. It focused on familiarizing users with multichain DeFi functionality inside of our V2 smart contract wallet.

It was great to see many crypto natives and newbies join in. The airdrop illustrated how easy it is to use Pillar’s wallet on multiple chains with the same smart wallet address. That was a hit!

The Pillar Genesis NFT Collection on Polygon (coming very soon)

This is an extremely rare collection of only 256 NFTs hosted on the Polygon blockchain 👀

With these NFTs we’ll take a 3 step approach:

  1. Reward our existing DAO Governors with the ability to mint for free. (In case you are a Pillar DAO Governance member, please be advised that NFT whitelist will go live next week, between 17/01/2022 – 20/01/2022)
  2. Run multiple lotteries for $PLR token holders. Each $PLR owner will have a chance to mint a FREE NFT from the Genesis Collection. Stay tuned for the details. 
  3. The opportunity opens for anyone to mint the remaining collection.

We recommend our NFTs be securely stored in the Pillar V2 Wallet, as this will unlock the future benefits we have in store.

Benefits unlock as the roadmap progresses

By holding a Genesis NFT, you’ll be one of the special few who will get pre-launch access to the core NFT collection (Q2 2022) and also unlock access to additional in-wallet benefits that we plan on implementing in the next few months.

This is an ongoing and interlinked campaign that is looking super exciting from the inside and we’d hate for you to get ultra FOMO by not joining us!

So keep your digital ear to the ground or just stay connected with us on the following channels to find out more about our NFT journey:

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