Pillar Ambassador Program

Pillar Ambassador Program

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Pillar Project

July 25, 2019

Here at Pillar, we are very passionate about being transparent with our community, as well as empowering and educating people about the power of decentralization and blockchain.

Here at Pillar, we are very passionate about being transparent with our community, as well as empowering and educating people about the power of decentralization and blockchain.

We understand that it’s difficult to provide 24/7 customer support when there is such high interest. It takes a lot of people to cover our channels and provide answers to our ever so inquisitive audience. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we have these people in our community who are happy to spread the word once they get some insight from the core team.

We are proud to have over 20,000 people in our community who follow us daily through various platforms, from Instagram to Medium and newsletters.

As we consider our community to be our strongest asset, we created an Ambassador program to empower you, make your voices be heard, and develop spokespeople, knowledgeable about innovation and technology within the blockchain space.

So why should you become part of our Ambassador program?

Become a Pillar Insider

Gain exclusive access to community-only webinars and events. You’ll hear the latest news and announcements about everything Pillar-related, including the industry-first product features we’re developing.

Develop your Blockchain Expertise

Blockchain is an exciting space to be in, yet very few people understand how the technology works. Become one of the leading voices educating others about our young and growing industry.

Gain community management skills

Telegram is one of the most active channels for the blockchain community. The Pillar English language group has over 2,500 members. We also created our own forum for all other discussions you feel like you cannot have in the main channel. These might include topics which discuss some other project or subject related to the industry, but not directly to Pillar.

Become an event organizer

As our Ambassador you will be given all the necessary training to feel comfortable to get up on stage and host a brilliant event. Hosting a meetup is a great way to educate others and build connections. We already had community members in the US working on meetups in their regions as well as fully ambassador-powered Pillar meetups in California, Finland and Brazil organised.

We also have Pillar booths at the biggest crypto events and meetups thanks to ambassadors who are willing to promote our project in their local communities.

Meetups are not for profit and should be fun, with a focus on decentralisation, data privacy and/or Pillar.

Become an Influencer

There are so many things to learn when it comes to our product. We are constantly BETA phase, meaning we are constantly adding new features and improving our product. We will help you stay up to date with our progress and you can use your unique voice to:

  • Tell your network — This is up to you to get creative with. It can be as simple as telling your friends, sharing our updates, writing about us, singing about us (it’s happened before), making a video, or any other way you can think of to fly the Pillar flag. Don’t spam and make sure to show respect and dignity, but generally, the bigger we grow, the greater our collective strength.
  • Seed partnerships — Pillar will be a platform to build on and integrate with. One connection can make a big difference, so always look out for related services, mention the work we’re doing, and share the work of others with us.
  • Cross-promotion of products — We already had great cross-promotion initiatives coming from our Ambassadors. Have an idea of how we can do things better? Have friends that can help? We are all ears!

How do we onboard Ambassadors?

1. Reach out to us in our Telegram channel
2. Let’s jump on a call to identify what your passion is and how we can put it to good use
3. Join our team in the Embassy channel
4. Let’s create some magic!

This program belongs to Ambassadors themselves — they propose the structure and initiatives worth undertaking, Pillar core team is simply here to enable these initiatives and provide guidance where necessary to stay on brand.

Do you want to learn about Community management?
Are you a good public speaker and would like to expand your horizons?
Do you feel like you can do more in your free time as a Crypto Enthusiast?

We owe so much to those who have contributed their time, skills and resources to the project so far — and we have a lot of challenges and exciting times ahead as this movement continues to evolve and expand.

Jen Leo is always around to answer questions, raise the atmosphere in our channels, provide good guidance for people trying to find out more about Pillar and warn the core team of anything that needs our attention that we might overlook. Bob helps us when we are in need of Chinese translation, while Chris creates great articles and videos for our community!

Thank you polyb 1123 Lee Labovitz and everyone else who is supporting us tirelessly!

We wouldn’t be here without you.