Multichain Goes Mainstream With Pillar’s Etherspot

Multichain Goes Mainstream With Pillar’s Etherspot

Written by

Jack Bass

June 17, 2021

Etherspot lets users enjoy all the benefits of smart contract wallets across multiple chains.

Tired of Ethereum’s high transaction fees and less-than-friendly user experience? 

Pillar recently launched Etherspot to make navigating multiple chains simpler and more affordable. Soon our Etherspot-powered DeFi wallet will let users manage their entire crypto portfolio in one place. 

Why Etherspot?

Etherspot is Pillar’s new Smart Wallet SDK deployed directly to EVM-compatible chains to provide a better experience to our users across the crypto multiverse.

It provides a blockchain framework to make decentralized apps (dApps) multichain for a seamless user experience across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains.

Etherspot is a gas-efficient, multichain solution designed for crypto wallet users who may not be tech-savvy enough to deploy and manage wallets on different sidechains and Layer-2 networks.

One identity, one address, one dashboard

Users no longer have to know anything about where chains exist on the blockchain or how to connect to them: Etherspot seamlessly connects to most EVM-compatible chains in a few taps.

Not only that, users don’t need ETH in their accounts to activate the smart wallet. They can deploy a smart wallet on Polygon, xDai or Binance Smart Chain with low-to-no gas fees and fast transaction speeds. 

Web 3.0

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, integration capabilities, and low transaction fees, Etherspot is another example of how the Pillar ecosystem is setting new standards for web3.

Etherspot ensures the creation of better and more efficient dApps, and mitigates issues dApp creators face during times of high gas fees and onboarding users to sidechains and L2s. 

Plus, dApp makers only need to make one deposit to onboard users to the entire multichain world, allowing users to navigate various networks from one address: the Pillar Wallet makes it easy for users to manage diverse assets from one dashboard.

And via Pillar’s partnership with Ramp Network, which lets users start their multichain journey for a fraction of the cost, Pillar V2 will give users an on-ramp to fiat-to-side-chain assets.

About Pillar

Pillar is an open-source project and community-run crypto wallet that makes DeFi markets accessible, affordable, and easier to navigate. 

It’s the first multichain DeFi wallet to be governed by users: PLR token holders can join the community DAO and take part in product development, project roadmapping, partnerships, funding marketing initiatives, and more. 

Powered by its native Etherspot, Pillar’s crypto wallet caters to users of Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, and puts community first by empowering users with information.

Pillar V2 is about to launch with many exciting new features and benefits, so stay tuned! Join our Discord community, and download Pillar for Android or iOS today!