Manage All Your Tokens, dApps, DeFi Services, and NFTs in One Place

Manage All Your Tokens, dApps, DeFi Services, and NFTs in One Place

Written by

Jack Bass

August 19, 2021

Pillar allows users to manage all tokens, dApps, DeFi services, and NFTs in one place - and experience all that the DeFi and crypto space have to offer.

DeFi has propelled the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem during the last year.

And yet It Moves

The bear market of recent months reduced the volume of investment in DeFi projects. However, we’ve also seen a consolidation of a sizable amount of DeFi wallets and funds with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $53.3 billion on Ethereum alone.

It’s only logical that any and all (potential) users are brought closer than ever to this novel way of managing finance which continues to gain interest, despite the occasional ups and downs of the market.

As a committed member of the crypto space, Pillar intends to contribute to this growth by facilitating access to DeFi’s new products. 

That’s why we have designed the Pillar wallet to make your digital assets accessible at a glance, with a single account for all connected EVM-compatible chains—one identity, one address, and one dashboard.

Using Pillar’s DeFi wallet is the smart way to keep a watchful eye on your finances. It will help you especially if you are juggling a multitude of DeFi accounts with all kinds of derivative and non-derivative products, or you struggle to keep track of all your wallets, swaps, and the liquidity mining pools you are participating in.

All Your DeFi in One Place

The first thing you see in your Pillar wallet is your portfolio. At a glance, you get full visibility of your assets and their locations. No more hunting through your various wallets and dApps trying to track down where you left a certain token.

In addition to breaking down your assets, your Pillar multichain wallet also gives you an overview of your cross-chain investments—saving you time by providing information at a glance.

Plus, Pillar’s integration with WalletConnect completely changes the game by providing users with an access point to various dApps across multiple chains all in one place. Thanks to the automatic switching feature, your wallet automatically connects to the right network for each dApp. Pillar DeFi wallet app also offers a dApp showcase that lets users explore the world of Web 3: 

We All Love NFTs

Finally, no modern DeFi wallet is complete without the latest innovation in the DeFi space — in-wallet access to NFTs. At this point, we would particularly like to emphasize the care we have taken to make Pillar a tool to help you navigate your NFTs, no matter what chain they are on, or what standard they use. Thanks to the multichain compatibility with xDAI, Polygon and BSC and the support of both, ERC721 and ERC1155, you can forget about technical hassles such as having to be aware of protocols, standards, or dApps.

Having access to different chains means that you can view, sell, and store NFTs safely in your Pillar wallet. The procedure is as easy as connecting through WalletConnect to the NFT platform of choice and interacting with it as usual with your connected Pillar wallet synchronizing the assets.

The NFT asset management tool is what we are most pleased with, and we believe it is one of the most underrated features of Pillar. So we invite you to take a look at it and see for yourself if we’ve hit the mark.

Visit the Pillar website and our Discord community. You owe it to yourself to try out the best DeFi has to offer.