‘Learn to Earn’ from In-App Curated Insights and Tutorials

‘Learn to Earn’ from In-App Curated Insights and Tutorials

Written by

Jack Bass

September 7, 2021

With Pillar Stories - in-app curated insights and tutorials - access to the DeFi wealth of knowledge is just a click away.

The DeFi space is all about financial access for all, but some DeFi apps live up to that ideal more than others. And some of these, like the Pillar mobile app, not only make accessing DeFi services easier and more intuitive but also they make sure you know how to access knowledge that helps you build wealth.

Exploring DeFi Through Pillar Stories

Pillar stories

DeFi moves so quickly that it is almost impossible for even the most advanced user to keep track of the latest developments in the space. 

But now, curated insights in Pillar’s easy-to-download-and-use mobile wallet app make it simple for all users—from crypto newbies to gwei-wielding gurus—to keep up with market shifts and trends, new projects, and disruptive technologies.

Moreover, the app makes it virtually effortless to learn new DeFi skills — such as staking and joining liquidity pools — to earn more crypto.

Riding a Carousel of Insights to Greater Crypto Gains

A growing carousel of informative Stories tops the home section of the Pillar wallet app, which is ultra-convenient when the content you’re reading and watching guides you through the hottest dApps and tokens to use, right then and there. 

The Stories in the carousel linking users to a wide variety of educational content, from DeFi basics to ‘How to Pillar’ tutorials, are updated regularly. The Stories’ dynamic, intuitive interface takes the work out of learning, too.  Spiderman can jump out at you as you learn about Marvel’s new NFTs, or you can be connected right away to the newest DeFi product, letting you immediately profit from whatever you were reading.

Guiding Users Step By Step

Video tutorials in the Pillar wallet guide you through the introductory concepts as well as the latest developments in the wider DeFi space. For example, some videos in the Pillar app show how to make cross-chain exchanges using the wallet, while others present the hottest liquidity pairs on Uniswap—thanks to analysis provided by our partners at Novum Insights. There is something for crypto users of all proficiency levels!

Empowered by market insights and curated news stories, and tutorials and how-tos, you’ll quickly feel you’re in the right place, no matter where you are on your crypto journey. Pillar upgrades accessibility to the innovative limit with its power to connect multiple chains, low-fee transactions (thanks to its recent V2 upgrade), and fiat on-ramping capability.

Ultimately, the Pillar wallet makes DeFi’s original ideals of transparent and inclusive peer-to-peer transactions a reality. And it does so the same way DeFi itself keeps crypto so robust and exciting—by building a community of active learners and engaged stakeholders who keep pushing it to its limits. 

Be sure to check out our dynamic learning tools helping our community grow and prosper!

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