How was 2022 for Pillar & Etherspot? Highlights of the year

<strong>How was 2022 for Pillar & Etherspot? Highlights of the year</strong>

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December 30, 2022

2022 was a difficult year for the entire crypto industry. The Luna crypto network collapsed, shocking revelations around FTX and Alameda Research have come to light, and the crypto exchange BlockFi filed for bankruptcy in November.

At the same time, technical development continued in the Web3 space. Ethereum completed a crucial upgrade, transitioning from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. 

One of the hottest topics of the year was account abstraction, designed to make the Web3 user experience easier for average users and set the stage for the eventual but inevitable mass adoption of decentralized systems.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in 2022 for Pillar Wallet & Etherspot:

Significant Pillar Wallet improvements

This year brought a lot of improvements to Pillar Wallet! Convenient cross-chain swap interface – now our users don’t need to interact with different dapps/bridges and put a lot of effort into swapping tokens from one chain for tokens from another chain. They can simply do it inside the wallet!
At the same time, we implemented Etherspot’s meta transactions, while preforming cross-chain swaps users can pay for gas fees with any stablecoin on the selected chain. It means that there is no need for native tokens on the destination chain.

We also added Optimism support to the wallet. All the features of the Pillar wallet are now available for Optimism-based assets.

Pillar’s Genesis NFT collection

The Pillar Project team released the Genesis NFT collection which was created especially for our community. As you know, this is a limited edition of 256 mythical NFT pillars. We were inspired by the future of financial freedom. They are composed of elements ranging from sci-fi-fantasy to the more natural. A portion of the collection was distributed to our DAO members, and our community took part in weekly lotteries and lucky winners received Genesis NFTs.

We held a raffle for Genesis NFT holders. The winners split the total amount gathered by raffle ticket sales. We had 5 winners who split $690 worth of DAI token.

NFT holders still have the 3 x Pillar-subsidized transaction fees for in-app multichain swaps per calendar month (Polygon, BSC, Gnosis) that will be available till March 2023. Next year we will prepare something special for NFT owners! There are still a small number of them available for minting.

FIO crypto handles support

One of our recent integrations was a partnership with FIO protocol. FIO takes confusing and risky EVM public addresses (0x….) and replaces them with simpler human-readable crypto handles ([email protected]) which are far easier to use and help users make less expensive mistakes.

Pillar users can create a FIO crypto handle for free inside the wallet. Check out how to do it here.

Ambassador program & engaging community activities

What about the Pillar community? We wanted to find like-minded people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies, DeFi, blockchain, multichain, Web3 development and are willing to get more involved in our projects. That’s why we opened an ambassador program! In total, we have received over 400 applications. Of course, we would like to give this opportunity to everyone who applied, but unfortunately the number of places was limited. We selected several ambassadors who work alongside the team and help us to increase brand awareness of our products and attract new users. Keep an eye on our Twitter for the next wave of the program 👀.

Our amazing community is always a focus for us. We have introduced new community activities that are very popular among our users. Meme contests, where you can show your creativity and get rewards, quizzes on various topics, discussions on Telegram or Discord where you can test your knowledge, learn something new about our products and receive nice prices in tokens and most importantly – meet friends who share the same vision as you 🙂 We’re planning even more activities next year, be active in our Telegram and Discord chats and don’t miss them!

Etherspot is now available on 14 EVM chains

We are constantly working on Etherspot development and adoption. Now Etherspot supports 14 EVM chains! This year we added Optimism, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Moonbeam, Celo, Neon Network, Fuse. More chains coming!

Besides Pillar wallet, several Etherspot use-cases have been created. – the most cost-effective tool for airdrops, token distributions in bulk & DAO rewards. According to our data, the tool is proving to be invaluable to several projects from the Web3 gaming space, DAOs & NFT communities who distribute their own custom tokens. Thanks to the affiliate program AirdropMe gets more and more satisfied users.

KlimaDAO Staking – a cross-chain ReFi staking dApp. Together with the LI.FI team we created a DeFi primitive that is set to radically shift the way cross-chain transacting is performed. Learn more.

Next year we expect more integrations!

Stay up to date, follow Etherspot on Twitter, join our Discord.

All-in-one Web3 Etherspot Dashboard

Another major update in 2022 is our Etherspot dashboard. This is an all-in-one Web3 dashboard that will become headquarters for any user who’s looking for the most advanced smart wallet features in DeFi. The dashboard not only showcases all Etherspot SDK capabilities for dapps or projects that want to go multi-chain & cross-chain, but also Pillar wallet users can interact with their wallets on a web platform instead of just mobile.

In fact, users of any key wallets can connect and utilize the advanced smart wallet functions of Etherspot Dashboard. For the first iteration users can manage their DeFi portfolio in one place. Send, receive, swap or stream payments cross-chain. More exciting features are coming in the next year.

Watch the dashboard demo. You can test it yourself, enjoy! 

Cross-chain payment streaming with Superfluid

The Etherspot team has recently integrated Superfluid’s streaming SDK to create even more agility for developers building on Etherspot’s cross-chain, account abstraction SDK. This latest integration will allow a new wave of future-ready payment solutions for app builders, right out of the box.

Users and developers can seamlessly create streams using the funds present in their smart wallets with one transaction. At the same time, Etherspot added cross-chain streaming to Superfluid’s offering which will have massive benefits for developers building on other networks. 

You can watch how the payment streaming works on our dashboard ⬇️

 & read more details about the integration in our blog post.

Try it out on 

Star of the year – the BUIDLer react component

Our latest development that abstracts away complexity for projects building cross-chain & multi-chain apps – BUIDLer React Component

By simply implementing Etherspot’s BUIDLer Component devs can offer a smooth cross-chain experience for every user with all necessary transactions taken care of in one click. No more advanced blockchain knowledge required. Even non-native crypto users will understand how to interact with dApps that implement BUIDLer.

Read more info here. If you’re a developer, watch our workshop from ETHIndia!

As you can see, it has been a fruitful year for us, and we want to keep moving in the same direction. Another good thing was that after the pandemic, finally we were able to travel and visit IRL blockchain events! We attended a lot of big events such as ETHBarcelona, ETHCC in Paris, Berlin Blockchain Week, ETHBogota, ETHIndia and more! Where we were able to speak and, showcase both products, Pillar Wallet & Etherspot.

💜We want to take this opportunity to thank you, our community, for all the support. You are our power and inspiration! 

We have even more grand plans for next year! We will shed more light on them at the first community call in 2023 on January 12.

Make sure that you follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, so you don’t miss the announcement!

We wish you all the best in 2023! Happy New Year! 🎄🎆

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