Pillar Genesis NFT Lottery Mechanics & How To Win!

Pillar Genesis NFT Lottery Mechanics & How To Win!

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February 2, 2022

The Pillar team is running the Genesis NFT Lottery right now! Read on to find out how exactly to enter and how it all works. You could be a lucky winner!

Win A Pillar Genesis NFT!

Pillar Multichain Wallet has reached a new milestone in formalising our community led DAO Governance system. With this in mind, we wanted our community to reap the benefits and get more involved in the Pillar Project life. So, we organized awesome promos such as the Genesis NFT collection to reward our existing members and spread the word about our DAO to new members.

We started by celebrating our cooperation with ParaSwap and Polygon, and we ran a joint Airdrop with an incredible prize pool! 

Collectively, we offered up $35 000 USD worth of $PLR, $PSP and $MATIC tokens to be distributed to all eligible addresses. We also distributed a bonus POAP to remember the event by. Thanks to all those in our community who participated!

The next step was for us to launch our Genesis NFT collection, which holds built-in benefits when held within the Pillar Wallet.

This launch has the following steps: 

  • Allow our DAO governors the opportunity to claim a free Genesis NFT
  • Run the Genesis NFT staking lotteries 4 February – 18 March 2022
  • Run some giveaways on Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled

How The Lotteries Work

So without further ado, the Pillar Genesis lottery staking period has begun! 

All $PLR holders now have the opportunity to enter the lottery and stand a chance to win a Genesis Collection NFT.

Simply head over to our dApp to stake your $PLR and enter the lottery.

Here’s a list of things you should be aware of:

  • The minimum staking amount to enter during the first and second weeks  is 800 $PLR (26 January – 11 February).
  • If you enter after week 2, (starting from 12 February) the minimum stake amount is 1000 $PLR.
  • Tokens will be locked until the end of the lottery (18 March) and can be withdrawn on 19 March 2022.
  • There will be two reveal parties happening on our Telegram group after which time, minted NFTs will become visible. Before the reveal parties, the NFTs will not be visible. Only a placeholder will exist.
  • You can however, confirm your NFT has been minted by visiting our OpenSea page.
  • All staked addresses will be entered into the lotteries after they have been staked for 7 days, 

Exclusion: all entrants that were submitted during the first week (until 3 February) will participate in the first lottery draw.

  • Entry into the 1st week (until 3 February) does not require 7 days of staking.
  • All entered addresses will continue to be in the running to win each week for the 7 weeks unless they have won already.
  • Winners’ addresses will be removed from the lottery once they win to ensure equal opportunity for all entrants.
  • Each address can only win once.
  • Winners will be announced in Discord, Telegram and Twitter every week.
  • Winners will be whitelisted on the smart contract within 24 hrs of the announcement to be able to mint their NFTs.
  • Once whitelisted they can claim their NFT on our dApp.

Go now and stake your 800 / 1000 PLR to enter. Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Good luck!!

Stake & Enter Lottery: https://nftdapp.pillar.fi | Claim Genesis NFT: https://nftdapp.pillar.fi

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