Pillar Project Launches The Genesis Collection NFT on Polygon

Pillar Project Launches The Genesis Collection NFT on Polygon

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January 26, 2022

It’s with great excitement that the Pillar Project team announces the launch of our ultra-exclusive Genesis Collection NFT !

The Pillar Genesis Collection NFT Campaign is a limited edition of 256 mythical NFT pillars. We were inspired by the future of financial freedom and building an accessible path for those in our community. They are composed of elements ranging from sci-fi-fantasy to the more natural.

Besides being an incredibly rare and exclusive collection, all Genesis NFTs will unlock further benefits simply by holding them in the Pillar V2 Smart Wallet. Be part of the Pillar Genesis Crew and unlock member-exclusive benefits in the NFT and DeFi spaces.

Benefits for Genesis Collection NFT owners

The benefits locked within these NFTs activate at the end of the PLR staking lotteries in March 2022. Hot tip: Some surprise benefits could be activating in the near future.

Pillar Genesis Collection Benefits: 

  • Free early bird mint access to Pillar DAO’s next NFT drop
  • 3 x Pillar-subsidized transaction fees for in-app multichain swaps per calendar month (Polygon, BSC, Gnosis)* 

*Genesis NFT must be held by the wallet performing the swaps in order to be eligible. This benefit will last for 365 days from March 2022. If the NFT is transferred to another wallet address, the holding address will still qualify for the remaining amount of swap of the 3 for that calendar month.  

Genesis Collection Roadmap

The campaign will unfold in the following ways:

  1. Reward our existing DAO Governors with the ability to mint for free*. If you are a Pillar DAO Governance member, please verify via the Governance verification dApp. The whitelisting period will run until 18 Mar 2022.
    *apart from the network transaction fee (+/-$0.01 – $0.10).
  2. Multiple lotteries for $PLR token holders 
    • 1st & 2nd weeks: Minimum stake = 800 $PLR
    • 3rd – 6th week: Minimum stake = 1,000 $PLR

Each $PLR holder will have the opportunity to stake a minimum amount in order to enter the weekly lotteries and have a chance to win a FREE mint of 1 Genesis Collection NFT. (Polygon fees to be covered by a user, normally between $0.01 – $0.10) 

Stake once to be entered into all 7 weeks of draws, the smart contract requires that you be staked for at least 7 days before you will be eligible for a draw. (One prize per entrant)

The lottery draws will run weekly on a Friday. Stay tuned on Twitter or Telegram for the lottery announcements!

  • Lottery staking opens on 26 Jan 2022 and concludes 18 Mar 2022. 
  • The final lottery draw will be on 18 Mar 2022

All participants will be able to unstake their tokens after the last lottery (on 19 March 2022).

  1. Genesis NFT Collection is open to the public! 

We recommend your NFT be securely stored in the Pillar V2 Wallet, as this is the only way to unlock the benefits we have in store.

Minted? Then it’s off to the reveal parties!

The reveal parties will happen in two installments:

  1. On the third week of the staking lottery
  2. After the last staking lottery draw 

Pre-reveal, your NFT will be safely in your Pillar V2 wallet, and will show up as the pre-party .gif scrolling image. Once the reveals take place all minted NFTs will become visible as the unique images they are.

How to get a Genesis NFT?

Pillar Genesis Collection NFTs can be minted by whitelisted addresses (Verified Governors and lottery winners) on nftdapp.pillar.fi.

All Genesis NFTs will be minted on the on Polygon network so make sure to use a Polygon enabled wallet.

We recommend Pillar Wallet as it supports multiple chains (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Gnosis) with just 1 wallet address and connects you to existing in-app financial services; provides secure management and storage of assets; and initiates participation in the Pillar DAO universe.

It’s time for you to be part of the Pillarverse. Join the crew. Pioneer with us! 

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