GameFi: When a Game is More Than Just a Game

GameFi: When a Game is More Than Just a Game

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February 1, 2022

Teachers know it. Football fans know it. Any gamer knows it. The value of just about anything can skyrocket when it’s made into a game. When it comes to crypto, dApp developers know it, too. And that’s why they’re making value for users across DeFi by adding a new link to blockchain itself: GameFi.

Let us show you the GameFi game and how it’s played.

Players Already on the Blockchain 

Gaming and blockchain are certainly no strangers. Players of MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft have been trading NFT-like items for years. 

More recently, dApps have been letting users earn crypto playing video games, such as with Gods Unchained and Hash Rush, where crypto assets themselves are more of a focus of gameplay than ever before.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained has created an ecosystem of divine proportions, hooking into card platforms like Magic the Gathering, but on steroids. Players buy, sell and trade NFT cards of their favorite deities. At the same time, holders of the platforms GODS holders can participate in governance while staking, with rewards available. It allows ownership of the NFT cards, too, with new cards being unlocked just by playing and not paying.

Hash Rush

Hash Rush has less of a card-playing scenario and feels more like Dungeons and Dragons with a crypto bent. You can collect character NFTs and engage in dynamic gameplay. It even has a comic book with physical as well as online editions.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is more of a metaverse play, with virtual world NFTs that allow users to purchase virtual plots called LAND and use SAND utility tokens to transact for NFTs of characters and items. While users can participate in more everyday-like experiences such as parties or play interactive games, they can earn crypto playing games in ways more like World of Warcraft than Wednesday at the beach. Specifically, ‘Alpha quests’ let users earn NFTs they can display or sell after performing deeds of derring-do.

When You’re More Game for Cuties than Crossbows

When Crypto Kitties arrived in 2017, they introduced collecting and trading NFTs of cats with a wide variety of characteristics. However, the most dynamic aspect of the platform is feline husbandry.

With AXIE Infinity, NFTs of Axies, more along the lines of Pokemon characters than real-life animals, have come on the scene to do more than just mope around and mate. 

Axies battle each other based on card descriptions, in arenas and on adventures against ‘Chimera’. As with other crypto games’ play-to-earn platforms, players can claim rewards if they stake their tokens (AXS) and participate in governance voting, as well as play. The platform includes different kinds of points for different actions, and the ability to lend and borrow Axies in a manager-scholar setup. The platform is even planning an upcoming entry into the metaverse.

Upping Your Play-to-Earn Game with Pillar Wallet

When it comes to crypto wallets connecting you to the best chances to play-to-earn, whether you prefer cuddly creatures, catapults or cold, hard coins, Pillar wallet is the best place to keep your crypto. dApps offering gamified features abound on its low-to-no-fee, multichain wallet. PancakeSwap is just one of these.

Not only that, the wallet’s in-app curated ‘learn-to-earn’ news feature, Pillar Stories, introduces you to dApps, tools, and tutorials—including gamified ones—to earn more crypto. In fact, one of Story featured was about SkyMavis, the same company that makes AXIE Infinity. But this story wasn’t just about a single feature but the full extent of the company’s gamified vision.

No matter how you earn crypto playing games, Pillar wallet is the best play in the crypto space you could ever make.

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