From Rumors to Data to Wisdom: How to Use Pillar to Research the DeFi Landscape

From Rumors to Data to Wisdom: How to Use Pillar to Research the DeFi Landscape

Written by

Jack Bass

October 19, 2021

Doing research before going all in on the abundance of DeFi opportunities is a must - and quite easy with the Pillar wallet.

With some decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, crypto gains are significantly easier to achieve—and safer. Pillar wallet is one of them.

We all want to get the most out of our crypto. But not all information out there is legit. Few moon trip claims could possibly take you that far—and Pillar can keep you from being stranded in the cryptoverse. 

The Least (and Best) You Need to Know to Make That Coin

If you’re tired of sifting through all the FOMO mofos, false promises, hackers and hacks, besides the wasted time and missed value from legitimate opportunities that come from it, then you’re in luck. Pillar Stories has your back as a DeFi investor with what you need to know most.

Pillar Stories offers core news and straightforward advice conveniently atop the wallet’s transaction section. All you need to get informed is swipe and choose from a carousel of topical links then tap for the next related story or let it disappear on its own. 

Pillar Stories wallet app

Learning How to Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe

Pillar Stories come from trusted media mainstays like CNN and The Guardian, and crypto-exclusive staples like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph. For example, the “General Crypto” Story featuring a moon trip for one coin and a fall to the depths for another leads the carousel. The “DeFi Danger” story follows, showing news of the most recent hacks. Other story topics include staying safe in the galaxy of DeFi NFT projects as well as in the wider cryptoverse with currencies and tokens.

Because we know that the data you need should come from a variety of places, our wallet brings the best of Twitter, too. With our extensive research, you can trust us to distinguish between the noble eagles soaring with substance and the vultures squawking treacherous tweets across the Twitterverse.

Pillar Twitter account

One thing to be careful about when using Twitter, especially, are shills. The term is a bit archaic outside of the cryptoverse, so in case you don’t know, it means a person or a bot that promotes a specific project or coin without being upfront about being affiliated with it. 

In general, trust yourself to see if a claim sounds suspicious and keep in mind three ways you can tell if a user is a shill or shillbot. And let Pillar help you stay aware that DeFi projects, crypto coins, and NFTs attract more than their share of scammers. 

Not only will you grow more aware of scammers on Twitter by using Pillar wallet, but you’ll also witness those with subtle know-how about the aforementioned shills and their shady shell games.

Next, the “World of NFTs” Story guides you through the NFT landscape with intensive articles and reality checks, as well as promising NFTs and platforms fresh from the virtual oven. 

NFT Pillar wallet


Beyond rumor, and encompassing the real data surrounding the DeFi landscape is a meta-level known as wisdom. And this level is where Pillar Stories will ultimately bring you—with only small bits of time needed to navigate a UI that’s as fun, colorful, and dynamic as it is useful.

We can’t and won’t promise you the moon, but we can promise that Pillar Stories will help you not only learn to earn, but also yearn to learn more and more.

To check it out for yourself, simply download the Pillar mobile app for Android or iOS and join our Discord channel!