Enjoy User-Friendly Navigation and Low-to-No-Fees on Transactions

Enjoy User-Friendly Navigation and Low-to-No-Fees on Transactions

Written by

Jack Bass

September 9, 2021

With the Pillar wallet, you have just the right solution for all your decentralized finance problems and your crypto transactions costs.

When Success Becomes a Problem

Tired of waiting for your transactions to go through? Want to escape the expense of Ethereum congestions? The situation might not change anytime soon as we continue to wait for the coming of Ethereum 2.0, and increasingly projects and users keep joining—oversaturating the ecosystem and making it more difficult to grasp for newcomers. So much so that keeping up with this whirlwind of innovation is getting challenging even for the seasoned crypto user. 

But suffer no more. At Pillar, we have just the right solution for all your decentralized finance problems and your crypto transactions costs.

Pillar, the Crypto Portolan Chart

The first thing you’ll love is that no matter how complicated your crypto life is, with Pillar, you only need one account to keep everything under control. 

Of course, just because you have all your crypto stuff in Pillar doesn’t mean it’s a muddled bunch of apps and tokens where no one can possibly find anything. Pillar’s interface has been optimized for ease of use, whilst also leaving room for a growing list of new features.

I Speak No Hexadecimal, Sorry

To say more about the user-friendliness, we create an ENS for you when you create an account on Pillar. Jeez, yet another crypto acronym? Don’t worry; this one is easy. Just like on the Internet, a DNS assigns names to entities running domains, while an ENS provides an equivalent of that identification system for Ethereum users who use it across the whole network, for instance, to make crypto transactions. When you create your account, you are assigned a more human-friendly name in the format: your-account.pillar.eth. This means the small  minority of your friends who can’t remember a string of hexadecimal numbers can also know how to send you money. 

Low-to-No-Fees Is No Longer Just a Promise

Making crypto transactions multichain has the added advantage of being able to avoid the one-off costs that can be incurred when using the Ethereum blockchain during busy periods.

Some projects have proposed Layer 2 solutions to serve as an extension of Ethereum’s capabilities and allow transactions to be processed faster and at lower-costs, solving the scalability problem behind high fees and transaction delays. 

Browsing DeFi

In Pillar, we have integrated several EVM-compatible chains that allow you to interact with a large number of dApps directly from your wallet.

Pillar is WalletConnect-first, allowing you to access other services by connecting the wallet. This feature lets you choose with just one account among ETH, xDai, Polygon, and binance smart chain dApps.

The combination of supporting different sidechains and providing access to a wide range of DeFi applications, all while lowering transaction costs, makes Pillar a perfect alternative for you to manage your DeFi investments.

Everything is geared to give you maximum control with minimum headache.

Still have any doubts that Pillar is the wallet for you? Download it now to be shown why you shouldn’t, and start navigating DeFi all in one place with low-fees and an easy-to-use design.