Ecosystem Zoom Out Ep. 5 — Pillar & MetaCartel

Ecosystem Zoom Out Ep. 5 — Pillar & MetaCartel

Written by

Savannah Lee

November 4, 2019

As the Pillar Platform grows its ecosystem of products, services, and breakthrough technical integrations, we want to celebrate and showcase the minds behind the code.

MetaCartel asks a lot of questions. We started collaborating with them earlier this year, so we sat down with Peter Pan, the team’s official ‘summoner’ to ask him some questions of our own…


Who are MetaCartel?

MetaCartel started out one year ago as a technical working group with a focus on User Experience (UX) in the DeFi space.

But as the group started to solve these many UX challenges, they transitioned into solving other kinds of problems, such as how do we get more people building DApps?

MetaCartel has evolved into a DAO — a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. Its core function is to fund and incubate early-stage experimentation for DApps.

Peter says the question they’re now trying to answer is:

“How can we build new, novel products and experiences on top of Web 3.0 technologies?”

MetaCartel’s objective is to understand how they can create this unique value using decentralised and distributed technologies, making Web 3.0 useful.

That’s why they’re backing and supporting projects like KickBack, the event management platform which asks attendees to stake some crypto in order to increase turnout and participation at real-world events.

We are MetaCartel ~ Peter Pan Twitter

What role does Pillar play?

Pillar is a community partner of the MetaCartel. While this DAO is great at dreaming up and hypothesising early-stage experimentation, they like working with partners and teams who can take these ideas and develop them further.

According to Peter, Pillar has a great team that can actually execute on these proposals, continuing the life of these experiments and delivering more value.

Pillar gets to understand which experiments work, and which don’t. We can then take these new innovations, polish them up and deliver them to the Pillar ecosystem, where you get to enjoy them!

Together, we hope these projects create value that can be spread further than the crypto ecosystem and be applied in our everyday lives.

Drew presenting at MetaCartel Demo Day during Berlin Blockchain Week.

Where to next?

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

Peter says MetaCartel is moving towards creating sustainable business models so that products can grow and last for generations. Right now, they’ve found a perfect product-market fit in a lot of areas, such as DeFi and tools focused on composability.

And while they’ll continue building things that are intrinsically useful, Peter thinks it’s time to go even further…

Crypto has already proven its utility. Now we need to create additional value on top of it — and execute.