Update: $PLR, $MATIC, $PSP Airdrop List

Update: $PLR, $MATIC, $PSP Airdrop List

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January 20, 2022

The Pillar dev team has been hard at work verifying all eligible airdrop participants. We’ve successfully identified and disqualified hundreds of bots and duplicate entries, which was against the T’s & C’s of the drop.

We’re being ultra careful that fraudulent entries are not included as it would take rewards away from our valued and legitimate community members. Additionally, due to technicalities relating to verifying swaps through ParaSwap, several addresses seemed not to be eligible for rewards. After further analysis, we discovered that all steps were completed correctly by the owners of these addresses.

After coding the final verification script with this in mind we have updated the eligibility list for the final time. We are now 100% sure that this is the correct and final list for all eligible airdrop addresses.

❗️This is the FINAL list and no further correspondence will be considered.

The final list contains 2,676 addresses which will be whitelisted for claims.

Congratulations to all successful participants! 

Claiming dApp

Our team has built a streamlined claiming platform and it will be available shortly.

All eligible addresses are on the FINAL list (those who completed all the tasks successfully without mistakes). These addresses will be whitelisted as soon as the network allows.

As soon as all addresses have been uploaded to the smart contract we will publish claiming instructions, and the owners will be able to claim their rewards.

NOTE: When claiming your rewards, there will be a Polygon transaction fee. We’ve increased the distribution amount to each eligible address to cover this fee.

Remember to take part in the upcoming Genesis Collection NFT lottery by staking your Pillar tokens to stand a chance to win Genesis NFTs every Friday for 7 weeks. Keep watching our Telegram, Twitter & Discord for updates.

T’s & C’s