Pillar is composed of three core
groups: the Pillar Team,
Foundation Board, and DAO.


The Pillar Team is made up of forward-thinking technologists, crypto enthusiasts, and business and legal experts.

Michael Messele


Aldin Ademović


Jack Bass

Head of Marketing

Amber Hales

Compliance and
Legal Lead

Partha Ramanujam

Head of Technologies

Kieran Goodary

Head of Mobile Engineering

Marisa Gisbert

Finance Manager

Jegor Sidorenko

Head of Blockchain Engineering

Anastasia Sarko

Brand Director

Ante Marijanović

Customer Support Agent

Deimantas Špučys

React Native

Denis Paulenka

Community Manager

Dmitry Titov

Product Designer

Domagoj Nacega

Customer Support Agent

Luka Kulier

Community Manager

Maxim Zaripov

Product Designer

Pablo Gaiger


Rafael Cidade

Senior Developer

Vadim Saveljev

Javascript Developer

Nicole Cook

Product Manager

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Pillar Foundation

The Pillar Foundation Board oversees and ensures the ongoing dialogue between the Pillar Team, DAO, and wider community of PLR holders.

Incorporated in 2017 and based in Zug, Switzerland, Pillar Project Foundation is the corporate entity that coordinates the creation of the platform.

The Pillar Foundation Board
is responsible for:

  • Managing the business and assets of the foundation
  • The approval of annual accounts
  • The election of new members of the foundation and auditors
  • Regulatory signatory rights

The Foundation contracts the Pillar Team at Pillar Project Worldwide Limited, a UK-based service company, to develop software for Pillar and champion its adoption.

In 2020, Pillar Foundation decided to start shifting decision-making power to PLR Token holders in the Pillar DAO.

Ralph Hofacker

PF President

Shane Murphy

PF Board Member

Jack Bass

PF Board Member

Join Pillar DAO

Pillar is collectively run and member—owned—anyone anywhere can participate.

Pillar Governors have a direct impact on the growth of the wallet, how the DAO is run, and what initiatives it funds.

They are responsible for:

  • The DAO’s treasury management
  • Voting on product initiatives
  • Funding business, marketing, and development initiatives

To become a governor and join the exclusive Governors’ House chat, you must hold 10,000 PLR or 100 LP tokens.

Pillar DAO proposals are discussed in the Pillar Governance Forum and voted on through SnapShot.


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