Manage All Your Crypto Tokens
Multichain Wallet
Manage All Your NFT and DeFi Services

Self-Custodial Smart Wallet. Take Control Of Your Funds

The only community-run, multichain & non-custodial DeFi wallet with one address, low-to-no gas fees and cross-chain super powers.

Self-Custodial Smart Wallet.

Take Control Of Your Funds

Manage All Your Crypto Tokens
Multichain Wallet
Manage All Your NFT and DeFi Services

Pillar is one place for your tokens, NFTs, dApps and DeFi services. Easily connect to Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, BNB Chain, and more.

  • Private keys secured by smart contracts
  • Fully decentralized for data privacy
  • Open source and non-custodial
  • Owned and run by the community DAO
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For the
community, by
the community.

Pillar grants PLR token holders decision-making powers over the product roadmap, DAO treasury and funding new initiatives - and rewards them for their contributions.

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PLR Token is Verified on Various Exchanges

PLR token is verified on Uniswap, Quickswap, PancakeSwap and HoneySwap.

With centralized wallets, you are the product. With Pillar, you own it.

Multichain: one place to manage your entire crypto portfolio — cross-chain, cost-optimized, and user-friendly (powered by Pillar's native Etherspot)

PLR governance token: unlock the user-owned and community-run character of the platform

Community DAO: manage the treasury and shape the future of the project by voting on development, marketing, and business initiatives

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Your wallet, your keys, your crypto.

Pillar lets you ‘be your own bank,’ empowering you to create and participate in autonomous digital economies and take back control of your money.

Join 22k PLR holders and become a Pillar Governor!